Helpful info for adopter below:

WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS!          Adopters picking up fur-babies can pay with CERTIFIED CHECKS OR CASH ONLY PLEASE.

We recommend that you bring your baby’s entire vet records (given to you by the drivers) to your vet as soon as you can. We also recommend that you get your new dog a fecal exam within 2 weeks of adoption, as many rescue dogs have never been regularly wormed until they were taken into rescue.  Rescue groups usually worm every dog in their care, however many times wormers need to be repeated, as rescue dogs were likely never put through their de-worming regime as a puppy, like us responsible pet owners would have done. Rescue dogs missed out on a lot of regular vet care in their life-times, until NOW of course!  Coccidia and Giardia is very common in rescue dogs, so if your dog still has diarrhea after 5 days with a change of food, please have your veterinarian perform a fecal exam, to rule out these simply treated parasites. 

Please remember this is a very long transport for the animals and they have already gone through so much change in their lives. Since most of the health backgrounds of the animals are unknown, stress from the transport, change in climate, change in food, etc. may still bring out a cold or kennel cough once they arrive up north. Just like people, some animals are more sensitive to change and more susceptible to come down with something. Very similar to an airplane ride or a cruise of a human, many dogs can get a cold during travel. 

We give great effort to deliver everyone's new best friends happy, safe, and on time! Please be courteous and allow plenty of time to get to our stops as we cannot wait beyond our schedule... Getting behind at one stop means getting behind for all other stops and inconveniences other adopters!

Thank you for adopting a rescued fur kid and helping save another life!!