Almost 2 years ago, I woke up nice and early and drove myself up to Waterbury with a crate and blanket (half asleep since excitement kept me awake). I met with your transport organization that morning to pick up Zoey (formerly Bunny) aka the love of my life whom I adopted from act now rescue. The man I spoke to knew exactly which puppy I was picking up when I said she only had 3 working legs and actually knew a little about her as an individual dog. As a rescuer now, years after this, I realize what a big deal this is. I am so used to transports seeing dogs as simply a number. Although what they do is great,  you all by far excelled in being professional and easy to work with. I honestly do not know what I would do without my Zoey. She keeps me going through all the ups and downs of dog rescue and school. Thank You so much for everything and thank you to your fur babies that keep you all going through all of this. Pictured below are photos of Zoey (first of her in the parking lot when I picked her up and second of her right after her haircut last week).
Thank you again!

Kelly and Jeff
I just want to thank you and your staff for what you do.  I do not know how I would have gotten our new pet home.  I think Jeff must feel like Santa
every time he hands over a much wanted dog.  We stood in the snow last Saturday and eagerly awaited our new family member.  She is
just the sweetest girl ever, my husband and her already have a morning routine!   I was just as happy for the other folks in line.  No one minded the snow
and the Sheraton in Parsippany was the most accommodating in welcoming our pup! 
Thanks again.
Warmest regards
Kim Gore

This is one of the awesome rescues we transport for :-)

Been trying to get pictures to y'all, of this little girl (transported to Connecticut 6-11-2011, for Foster by me, and she is now an official family member!) but it's so hard to get her butt to stop wiggling!
We wanted to send a few "Happy Tails" pictures, and say "Thank you, again, VERY much!"  What you do is awesome! 
You folks rock!
Cami Nugai